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A Dope Road Trip from Phoenix to Page

As a resident of Arizona, I can attest to the many perks of living here and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of nature within a few hours drive of your front door...

... but exploring Antelope Canyon and the awe-inspiring beauty of the drive there, has been one of my absolute favorites.

Located in Page, we recently visited with a big group of 7 and decided to take advantage of the many scenic stops along the way. The 285 mile journey from Phoenix was a little over 4 hours, but trust me, the drive itself is worth the trip!

Day 1: Sedona and Horseshoe Bend

We started our drive early in the morning and made a pit stop in the charming town of Sedona for some exploration and lunch at a fantastic restaurant, Oaxaca. We then took a stroll through the town's beautiful main street, did some shopping, and even squeezed in a quick 30-minute massage to rejuvenate ourselves.

Although we didn't have time for a hike, I highly recommend checking out the Devil's Bridge Trail, one of my all-time favorite hikes in Sedona. For more info read our Sedona blog!

We then hit the road towards Page and the experience was magnificent. During the 3 hour drive the landscape changed every few miles from lush greenery to desert-like terrain to snow-covered peaks.

We witnessed waterfalls cascading down the mountains.

Check out our Page IG story!

Upon arriving in Page, we saw the sign for Horseshoe Bend and decided to stop to take in the iconic sight for pictures. A quick 20-minute hike led us to the famous overlook, which was absolutely gorgeous.

Once we were done taking it all in, we headed back to our hotel the Hampton Inn & Suites in Page, which was conveniently located near all the stores and restaurants.

Day 2: Lower Antelope Canyon and Cliff Dwellers

The next day we eagerly anticipated our visit to the Lower Antelope Canyon and booked a tour with Ken's Tours for 10 AM. We chose the Deluxe Tour which was $402 total for two adults and two children and lasted about 90 min.

Everyone loved it!

Our tour guide was exceptional, and a photographer! He knew all the best times and places to catch the most impressive views and colors.

For the best lighting for photos, he recommended visiting between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM

The beauty of this canyon left us speechless and if you're planning a trip to the area, I highly recommend taking the time to explore it. Trust me, you won't regret it!

If you're torn between seeing the lower or upper canyon, our guide recommended the lower canyon, which we chose. However, we definitely plan to visit the upper canyon and the Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon, which is said to be less crowded, on our next trip.

Ken’s Tour’s website

After our tour, we decided to head to the Cliff Dwellers. The drive was phenomenal, with breathtaking views of the mountains. We also made stops at various shops to purchase handmade Navajo jewelry and souvenirs.

Along the way, we saw the Navajo Bridge and made a quick stop to walk along the bridge and checked out their visitor center. The cliff dwellers were a fascinating sight with so much history behind them.

Once we had taken in the beauty of the day, we headed to town for lunch at Dara Thai Express. The restaurant was simple, but the food was delicious, and the prices were reasonable.

If you're up for a nice dinner, make sure to check out the Rimview Terrace. Overall, it was a fabulous day filled with beauty, history, and culture.

Day 3: Lake Powell

As our Northern Arizona adventure came to an end, I made sure to save some time for a stop at the popular vacation destination, Lake Powell. The area surrounding the massive reservoir offers plenty of exciting activities, such as horseback riding, kayaking, and even ATV tours. It was March, so it was a bit too chilly for a boat ride, but I've heard it's an incredible experience when the weather is warmer.

On the way back, we made a quick stop in Flagstaff for lunch, which is an absolute must if you have the time. The town has a great selection of restaurants, and we found ourselves spoilt for choice.

Overall, our trip to Northern Arizona was an unforgettable experience! If you're planning a road trip to this beautiful state, I highly recommend taking time to see Sedona, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell.

The natural beauty and adventure opportunities are endless, and you won't regret experiencing it all firsthand. And don't forget to add Flagstaff to your itinerary for a delicious lunch and some more sightseeing!

Now go and have a Dope trip!!!!

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