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Of the 30 countries Babygirl has visited across the world, (as of the writing of this post 😂), her favorite is the small isle of Utila off the northeast coast of Honduras in the tropical Islas de la Bahía (Bay Islands). Almost every trip we’ve planned together, we’ve considered going back there so she can show me the island's simple allure.

She loves it that much...

Our 6 day/night trip would begin in ​​San Pedro Sula where we’d spend a night before flying to the island of Roatán for 3 days. We then would take a private boat over to the small island of Utila for 2 more days before finally taking a ferry from Utila back to the Mainland, and a cab back to San Pedro Sula for our final night. We’d head back to the states early that next day. For details on our travel logistics, check out our Trips, Tricks & Hacks page.

San Pedro

Our trip began in, of all places, Houston.

...where our connecting flights converged.

Never to pass up an opportunity to utilize her Platinum AMEX lounge perk, Babygirl led us on a mini-adventure through the airport’s winding labyrinth of construction and underground tunnels to find the Centurion Lounge. 2 hour layovers can’t get much better than when you can enjoy them with free food, drinks, and High-Speed internet. 😎 (REEL) Our tranquil stay was all too brief, soon we heard our boarding call to hop on our 1800 mile flight.

3 hours later, we arrived in San Pedro about 7PM. The distance to clear customs and exit the small Aeropuerto Ramón Villeda Morales (SAP) could not have been more than a few hundred feet, hatch to curb.

We were a bit worried about safety and security based on the current US Travel Advisory (ok, I was 😅).

When I 1st read the warnings, ...

... we had a private cab set-up with a friend to take us into the city and show us around. For our brief time in San Pedro, just that night, we stayed at the lovely Hilton Princess. In the morning, we’d be back at the airport to venture on to Roatán.

Our 1st meal of the trip was at OKI POKI for dinner with our new friend who’s also a fashion designer!

(Check out her style! xactivewearhonduras / xactivewearmiami)

Something about eating an amazing meal when starving from traveling all day just hits different 🤤...



The next morning following a quick photo shoot, we were back at the airport.

Taking a local flight was a completely different experience than passing through international customs the day before. Waaay less formal, more like a bus terminal than an airport. Babygirl still found the lounge tho! 😎 She never be slippin.

The best way to get to Roatán, 200 miles to the northeast, is by small propeller plane. (see our Trips, Tricks & Hacks).

The 40 minute flight...

As we approached the island, we took a few shaky circles around the runway before landing at the Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport. It felt like we were in an adventure movie.

Crime was significantly less on the island...

West Bay

We unloaded after pulling up to the resort check in, a diminutive building filled with rental towels.

A few minutes later we were on our way to the Thirsty Turtle, the tiki hut themed bar nestled next to the beach filled with activity. A few feet from the bar, up a flight of steps above the ice cream stand, was our cozy circular room, with a view of it all.

Ensuing a day relaxing at the Thirsty Turtle and laying in the sun. We cleaned up and headed out to the nightlife filled West End.

Getting north up the coast to West End, we decided to use one of our favorite transportation methods, water taxi!

Available for $5 per person, we were able to take the 10 minute ride with a few other tourists over to Happy Harry’s Hideaway. Harry’s was one of many pier bars built over the water, with a deck for the water taxi to land. You have the option to be dropped off at any one of the pier bars that wove up the coast. (water-taxi)

Pulling up to the dock...

Our first stop was Franks Beach bar. We watched the sunset and enjoyed craft cocktails. (check out our sunset time-lapse REEL)

As it was Tuesday night, most of the night clubs were not popping like on a weekend, so we only briefly inspected the Booty Bar, Afrobeats reverberated through the hollow dance hall.

We ended up back at Harry’s for dinner and drinks before heading back to West Bay.

The 12 minute cab ride back to the resort was surprisingly about as long as the boat ride over. The evening still felt young, by our standards, so we decided to walk the beach south past the neighboring resorts.

Our peaceful stroll in the night’s warm ocean breeze, felt pretty safe with the armed security patrolling. 😅

We stopped at Cuyaco Beach Bar for the tail end of a live band set covering 80’s rock classics...

Sloth Dreams Do Come True

The next day would be one of the most special of our relationship.

Babygirl planned the day perfectly. We took a 40 minute cab ride up to Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out, which was also next to our 2nd stop of the day, Little French Keys. We packed our bathing suits, cameras, and bootleg sunscreen I got from the Farmacia.

Oh yeah, we forgot to bring sunscreen...

(Animals REEL)

And this is when we encountered a sloth. 🦥(REEL)🦥

Recovering our senses from the emotional rollercoaster that we just experienced, we took a 3 minute cab ride over to the ferry dock to Little French Key.

About 1000 feet off the coast where our sloth encounter occurred, was the small private island of Little French Key.

With its hundreds of hidden nooks, sea swings, sapphire blue coves, tropical drink serving bars,…rope swings, and Instagram-able backdrops filled with aspiring Instagram models,..phew. Little French Key is as beautiful as it is relaxing.

We shot several photo shoots (photo-shoot) and a (REEL)

Baby then got her hair did...

Shout out to our awesome cab driver!

Following showers and a nap, we went back to Cuyaco Beach Bar for a delicious dinner of orange chicken and pasta.

Birthday Boat Tour

Today I turned 45.

Before we get to the “tour boat”, let