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How to (boat) Party Like a Pro in Lake Havasu!

Every weekend in Lake Havasu there’s a huge boat party.

People cruise along the Channel passing under the London Bridge, the epicenter for most of the revelry, in front of the London Bridge Resort. All along the channel's banks, boats park while a steady stream of water traffic cruises up and down the waterway. Expletive twerk tracks boom out of overpowered boat speakers, and it's common to see cosmetically enhanced topless women, donning pasties instead of bikinis.

When joining this kind of party, you will need to know a few tips and tricks to survive, and make the most out of the people watching shenanigans. We heard the stories of the crazy parties, and when we visited the lake Memorial Day weekend 2022, were not disappointed.

First, you need a BOAT

1) Nautical Watersports Boat Rentals had the best prices we found for a Pontoon Boat. For larger groups, the open floor plan and spacious deck make pontoon boats the best option for channel cruising. Details: There is a 2 night, 3 day minimum on holiday weekends.

It's actually a good deal for 3 days, we paid $1850 and had use of the boat from 7am till 5:30pm

(compared to the daily rate, roughly $850-$1200 plus tax) You can even leave your stuff in the boat overnight, it's accessible right on the dock each day for you.

Be ready for the Long Day 🛥️☀️😎

2) Be ready for a long day in the HOT desert sun. Make sure to bring a cooler, floaties and beach towels to stock up for a nice boat day. Most importantly, bring lots of fluid to stay hydrated. (beer works too 😉)

When it can easily be in the triple digits (it was 108° one day for us 🥵), anyway to stay wet and or cool is key. 3) The early bird gets the best spot, and location is key. At least one person in your party will need to be the designated boat parker. Arrive by 7am to ensure a spot to dock your boat on the water channel.

If you can’t score one there are plenty of places people dock along the lake but nothing beats the channel shenanigans. 👀

No Boat? Location, Location, Location

4) So you don’t have a boat. The next best option is to just stay where the party is. London Bridge Resort is a great option for a hotel. Centrally located on the channel, London Bridge Resort is right on the water with plenty for families and fun for adults.

Our favorite is the pool volleyball under constant cooling air misters. 5) Uber? What uber? Have a designated driver. With so many drunk partiers out each night, there weren’t enough ride shares available. Luckily for us, we had non-drinking young adults to call upon to pick us up.

It's a great feeling when they need to take care of you for a change. 😂

Save money and headache, make the most of your AirBnB!

6) Speaking of location, when looking for AirBnBs try to stay within 5 miles of London Bridge. We stayed right by Main St where all the late-night club/ bar action was. 7) Lake Havasu is incredibly busy during the summer and holiday weekends, and so are the Restaurants. We did not eat out once during all of Memorial Day weekend. If you do want to eat out, make reservations. Otherwise, cook at your AirBnb! We had 13 people so we shopped at the super Walmart and grilled daily by our pool. During the day on the boat outings, we picked up pub food where we could dock, Club Kokomo and Rosati's Pizza.

Nightlife 🤩🍻💃🕺The Best Bars / Clubs in Havasu

The party at Lake Havasu doesn’t end when the sun goes down and all the boats dock for the night. The water channel and Main St are the best options for packed bars and dancefloors. The channel is about a 5-10 minute drive from Main Street so it's best to pick one and stick with it for the night. Bar hop on the channel one day and Main Street the other since there are a few places to hop on each location.

Our Dope Life Continues.


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