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Must Do While Cruising Around the Grand Canyon

Visiting the Grand Canyon is 1000% a bucket list endeavor.

The park itself is beautiful but often people forget to include all the cool sights & attractions around the Canyon on their itinerary. For most people, visiting the Grand Canyon is a one day affair, max. We packed our two days with tons of fun activities!

Of course (casual hair-flip), I made our overnight stay an entire experience and we had an absolute blast!

Clear Sky Resorts

Because we were only staying one night, I decided to stay in Williams, Arizona at Clear Sky Resorts.

I highly recommend spending a night or two at this one-of-a-kind SkyDome experience!

The resort's rooms are all themed, so we chose the Hello Kitty room.

It had a swing, binoculars and the most beautiful view.

It was magical!

The lobby has an area for watching movies, a place for making smores by the fire, and there’s a ton of outdoor games. For those who prefer not to venture out for sustenance, you can grab breakfast and dinner options at the food truck.

We loved the whole experience; it was very peaceful and unique.

Bearizona Wildlife Park

This park is so cool, especially for families! It's a wildlife park that’s a whole drive-thru experience.

We went in November so most of the bears were hibernating, but we still saw a ton of them sleeping in crazy places like the tops of trees. 😯

As we drove through the park, bison, deer and even wolves were all around our car. It got up-close-and-personal, but that just made the experience more special for us!

There’s also a walk-thru where you can park your car, get out & explore and check out the animal shows.

See elks, otters, and jaguar while enjoying food, drinks, or visit the gift shop, they have a ton of merchandise.

Arizona Route 66

Route 66 is one of the most scenic, and arguably most famous highways in the United States. When you visit Arizona Route 66 it will feel exactly that, like time has stopped and nothing changed. It was so cool to experience all the little shops.

We had lunch at Cruiser's Route 66 Cafe which was so cool! The décor was unique, and the service was excellent. They smoke their meat on site everyday and there’s usually a line at the door. Fortunately, there was no wait, and we felt so lucky to experience this contemporary dining experience and eat some delicious food.

If time allows (and you are not afraid of heights 🫣) give the Route 66 Zipline experience a try, super fun!


Tusayan is about an hour from Williams and only 15 minutes from the Grand Canyon’s Iconic South Rim Trail. Lots of people choose to stay here when visiting the Canyon as it provides easier access to the park if you are visiting for multiple days.

The downtown is super unique with a variety of western American style restaurants and lots of gift shops featuring beautifully handcrafted souvenirs from Native American artists.

We decided to take Pink Jeep Tours from Tusayan to the Canyon. It was a great option as we had a few kids with us. Our tour guide was amazing and made the tour super fun!

Hopefully after reading this, if you’re planning to explore the area for a few days your Grand Canyon experience won't be a disappointment, I promise : )

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