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Partying off the slopes with Dracula; 4 FANGtastic days in Romania

When thinking of places to visit over the winter holidays, Romania is probably not the first country that comes to mind, but on New Years 2023, we had the rare opportunity to visit this beautiful country to go skiing.

Yup, ski! We are fortunate enough to have friends who live there and just happen to own several resorts in the ski town of Predeal.

Skiing is one of Dre’s oldest passions. An expert who can literally ski anything, he’s been in love with the sport since he first put a pair of skis on at 5.

So obviously, he was stoked to spend time in the mountains!

Unfortunately, due to climate change, when we showed up in Predeal, the snow had not. Truthfully, this brazilian did not mind at all, 🥶 as I am the opposite of my skiing soulmate, and love the warm weather.☀️✌🏽

Always looking on the bright side, we sacrificed some ski days for perfect New Year's weather in the 50°/60°s.

Ideally when visiting Romania, you will need about 4 days to truly explore all the sites. Thankfully, our host gave us all the best tips for our visit.

Here is a perfect itinerary for you to see all the best Bucharest and the towns of Predeal, Brasov and of course, Dracula's Castle! 🧛🏽‍♂️🏰

Day 1 & 2 Bucharest

This is a beautiful theater and it's definitely worth taking the time to go inside. The 15 minute walk from our hotel in Old Town was beautiful! Exploring on foot so you can appreciate the art and architecture is a must. Dre took these beautiful pictures.

Another gorgeous stop. This building is absolutely enormous, 😮 and the grounds are beautiful. Make sure to stop and take some pictures, we did. 😜

Another stunningly massive church, this was under construction when we visited yet it was still worth the visit. There was also a small chapel by the cathedral that was so beautiful inside.

Old Town Nightlife

For those who love to party, Bucharest is as fun and wild as cities come. We stayed at a great location right in the center of the city called Old Town.

Bustling with energy late into the night, the historically gothic styled buildings surrounded a labyrinth of streets and allies filled with humanity.

This was the heart of the entertainment district. Nightclubs, Adult entertainment venues, and “more” overwhelm the senses with primal energy.

Be mindful when choosing a hotel in this area because the party never ends, and it can be pretty loud throughout the night.

The nightlife is what draws most people to Bucharest, it is super lively, with blocks filled with bars and strip clubs. People party into the morning hours and there is an endless choice of restaurants with magnificent authentic cuisines.

Day 3 and 4

Dracula’s Castle and Pele's Castle

We made it to Dracula’s Castle and loved it!

The grounds at Bran Castle (Draculas Castle's real name 🤓) are beautiful and the tour inside the castle is super fun, and a little spooky. 😳

We made a REEL documenting our experience!

Right outside of the castle there are beautiful shops you can explore and buy souvenirs to bring home.

Dre took some amazing videos with his drone!

Although we didn’t have time, we really wanted to visit Peleș Castle which is located south near the ski town of Sinaia mentioned later.


After visiting the castle we headed off on a picturesque 30 minute drive to the town of Brasov.

This medieval town was gorgeous.

Super close to Dracula's Bran Castle, the Council Square area was so beautiful, filled with a giant christmas tree and holiday decorations.

The square’s surrounding streets were filled with shops, small kiosks serving drinks, and nutella covered waffles and gelato! It was super yummy!

If you feel like doing some serious cardio, 😮‍💨 you can walk up the hundreds of stairs to the top of Steagul României de pe Tâmpa, the towering hill where the Brasov sign sits high, above the town below. You can actually see the sign from just about any part of the city.

Just imagine the iconic Hollywood sign in California

The beautiful view of the city center can be seen in Dre’s drone photos from hundreds of feet above.

The Biserica Neagra was a short walk from the center, for a fee you can enter and explore the inside of this beautiful church.

With an endless options for restaurants, Brasov makes for a super romantic spot for a date night getaway.

I wished we had more time to explore

About 2.5 hours from Bucharest, Brasov was my favorite part of the trip and I highly recommend spending the night if you have time.


If you have time to spare, about an hour's drive from Brasov is the quiet mountain ski town of Predeal. Ideally a place you’d visit for its ski resorts, even in the spring like weather, this little piece of heaven is just breathtaking with lots of nature and beautiful views on the mountain.

We recommend going to the Cabana Trei Brazi, where you can appreciate stunning views of the majestic snow capped mountains. For the kids, there’s snow tubes and ziplines! We spent the day and had lunch.

We stayed in town at the beautiful Voila Inn. This charming and cozy family-run hotel that offers a unique dinner experience with its family-style Mediterranean meals and igloos for outdoor dining.

The added bonus of a small nightclub makes it a perfect destination for those seeking a fun and relaxing stay. The friendly and attentive staff contributes to the warm, welcoming atmosphere, making it a great choice for families or small groups looking for a comfortable and memorable getaway.

On New Year's Eve, we took over the “club”. 💃🏽🕺🏽

The kids DJ’d we all danced into the morning hours.

Dre’s Skiing Tips

Dre was extremely excited about skiing in Romania, and although we didn’t get a chance this time, here's the fruits of his insightful research.

In Predeal is the small Pârtia de Schi Clabucet ski resort. We would have skied here as it was only 3 minutes from the Voila Inn. There’s a nearby rental center for equipment.

If you’d like to experience skiing above the tree line, try Sinaia, about 29km, 43 minutes south of Predeal. If you need Rentals try Centru de inchirieri VDO Ski Rental.

A 3rd option is the most popular ski destination in the country is Poiana Braşov. The largest resort is 43 minutes north of Predeal in the direction of Brasov.

Hopefully we’ll get another chance to visit this beautiful country and this time ski it! If you decide to go, make sure you go farther into the winter season, so you don’t pack your ski gear and never use it like us haha.

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