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Planning a Day Trip to the San Diego Zoo

It's a little confusing, but there's actually 2 San Diego Zoos.

The San Diego Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo.

01 San Diego Zoo

A more traditional zoo experience in the heart of the city

Location: Downtown San Diego in Balboa Park Number of animals: 3,700 animals and more than 650 species Ticket: $62 Size: 100 acres Website:

02 San Diego Safari Park

Brings you to the world of the animals, and feels like you are actually on safari.

Location: Escondido (40 min north of San Diego) Number of animals: 2,600 animals and more than 300 species Size: 1,800 acres

San Diego Safari Park (details)

Ticket: $65 includes the basics (but fun!) Safari. The $89 WIldlife Safari up to $675 for the Custom Safari (bananas, I know!) Give even more access to the parks Animals. Website: Safari details:

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