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Ways to get to Roatán and Utila Honduras

Roatán by Plane

Roatán has a small international airport but flights can be pricey!

You can fly into San Pedro De Sula which is a lot cheaper and take a small plane privately (more expensive) or CM Airlines or Hahn Air Systems.

We used CM and it was $118 each 35 minutes flight.

Roatán by Boat

You can drive to La Ceiba from San Pedro de Sula via private cab ride, which costs $120. You can also take a bus for cheaper but it's not recommended because of safety.

Once in La Ceiba, you take a ferry to Roatán.

Tickets were $38 each on Galaxy Wave.

The departure schedule from La Ceiba to Roatán: 9:30am and 4:30pm and from Roatán to La Ceiba: 7:00am and 2:00pm (LINK)

Utila by Boat & Plane

Air travel to Utila via private plane or comercial into San Pedro de Sula, which is a lot cheaper.

Airline options are: CM Airlines or Hahn Air Systems systems (with only slight door issues 😅 see pic).

Cost was roughly $140. There are no straight flights to Utila, so you will need to connect in Roatán.

Land/ Sea

A cab from San Pedro De Sula ($120) to the Utila Dreams ferry is ($31 per person)

Ferry takes 45-60 minutes, departs two times a day 7am and 3:20pm (LINK)

All prices and schedule times are subject to change. Check out our (REEL) 😂 Ferry Schedule

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