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We’re Talita and Andrew,

Welcome to our Dope Life AdvenTure!


A what life? A Dope Life. A life lived passionately authentic, fearless and full of curiosity. A life filled with family, laughter and love. A life overflowing with as many experiences this beautifully diverse world has to offer.


A life lived in the now. Today. because tomorrow is never promised.

All that, and to do it with our own personal style. That's Dope.

Andrew and Talita
Andrew, Talita, and sloth
About Us


We also love to learn and share those lessons and experiences from our life and travels!

We're kinda obsessed with it.


Whether its a romantic excursion to St Lucia during covid (and an erupting volcano 🤯) RVing across the American Southwest, Skiing in New England, or throw a party for 20 of our closest loved ones to celebrate at Talita's Book Launch in Mexico, we try to make everyday, a new Dope Life Adventure.

And all the while we try to capture it all.


Through Talita’s hilarious instagram stories, Kylie’s TikToks, Dre’s words and photography, or Dronie’s eagle eyed lens, a thousand feet above.


Yes, there's a drone named Dronie, that Andrew (Dre) is obsessed with since Talita bought him one for his birthday in Honduras. 😂 (read more) (Visit our Youtube channel​ for our best drone videography!)

We hope you enjoy all our writing, photos, videos, and silly social media shenanigans, and get to know our crazy blended family while you're at it.


So come along with us as we experience all the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells (can’t forget the food) from distant cultures far away, to those close to home and everything in-between. (Like how we met!)



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Dope Life Adventure
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